Desktop or web applications?

Both! With mirrorjs you can develop web or desktop applications without having to worry about writing code dedicated to a particular environment.

node-webkit: The easiest way to make desktop applications in JavaScript (+ HTML + CSS)!

To who did not know, webkit is the rendering engine used in Safari and Chrome.
node-webkit GitHub page

Native applications: mirrorjs natively implements support, through connectors, to multiple frontends.
In fact, when implementing a widget (read more) it is mandatory to implement the backend (agnostic) and one or more frontend(s).
The widgets currently made ​​(to September 2014) implement only the “html” frontend.
In future it will be possible to expand the set of available frontends and implement, for example, a native connector to GTK.
So, without rewriting a single line of code, applications that previously ran only on the web (and on desktop with node-webkit) now run also on the desktop.

Let’s see some code!
When you instantiate an application you must specify the type of application (local or remote), the connector to the backend (local, Socket or SockJS (WebSocket)) and the frontend to use:

var myApp = new
    new mirrorJS.ui.connectors.local( /* frontend */ "html"),
    /* ... */

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